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  1. This project analyzed social-ecological poverty traps related to livestock herding and soil nutrient depletion in sub-Saharan Africa as regime shifts. A set of interventions or leverage points were identified to change the dynamics of the systems and ... Read More
  2. The purpose of this paper is to perform an exploratory analysis of the causal interactions among global change drivers of regime shifts. Causal loops diagrams were used to collect a set of feedback mechanisms underlying abrupt change dynamics in 11 r ... Read More
  3. Abrupt and persistent reconfiguration of ecosystem’s structure and function has been observed on a wide variety of ecosystems worldwide. While scientist believe that such phenomena could become more common and severe in the near future, little ... Read More
  4. Marine ecosystems can experience regime shifts, in which they shift from being organized around one set of mutually reinforcing structures and processes to another. Anthropogenic global change has broadly increased a wide variety of processes that ca ... Read More
  5. Many ecosystems can experience regime shifts: surprising, large and persistent changes in the function and structure of ecosystems. Assessing whether continued global change will lead to further regime shifts, or has the potential to trigger cascadin ... Read More

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  1. This dataset was used in the study "Cascading regime shifts within and across scales". A detailed description of our methods is available as a preprint at, and all the code is open source availa ... Read More
  2. This dataset is a compresed file of all tables used for the analysis of the paper Rocha, J. C., G. D. Peterson, and R. O. Biggs. 2015. Regime shifts in the Anthropocene: drivers, risks, and resilience. bioRxiv:018549. It contains a readME.txt file ... Read More