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Humber Estuary, UK

Main Contributors:

Johanna Yletyinen

Other Contributors:


Almost 11 million people live within the Humber's catchment area, resulting in industrial and wastewater discharges to the Humber and its river systems. Hypoxia has been measured in the upper Humber for more than 100 years. Hypoxia is currently viewed as the main water quality issue in the Humber due to it's effects on migrating fish.

Type of regime shift

Ecosystem type

  • Marine & coastal
  • Freshwater lakes & rivers

Land uses

  • Fisheries

Spatial scale of the case study

  • Local/landscape (e.g. lake, catchment, community)

Continent or Ocean

  • Europe


  • West Europe


  • United Kingdom

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Key References

  1. Uncles RI, Joint I, Stephens JA. 1998. Transport and retention of suspended particulate matter and bacteria in the Humber-Ouse Estuary, United Kingdom, and their relationship to hypoxia and anoxia. Estuaries 21, 597-612.


Johanna Yletyinen. Humber Estuary, UK. In: Regime Shifts Database, Last revised 2012-03-17 18:55:09 GMT.
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